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November 21st 2019

September 4th 2019

Summer Workshop

July 10th 2019


These are overviews and agendas for the meetings. If you wish to see a copy of the full minutes and actions from any of our formal meetings, please contact us

Next Meeting


Tuesday 14th April

1.00 pm

Meeting Room Ward 2
West Cumberland Hospital
Future Meeting Dates

All in Meeting Room Ward 2 West Cumberland Hospital

Monday 8th June

12:30 pm

Tuesday 8th September

1.00 pm

Monday 9th November

12:30 pm

November 21st 2019


Good attendance at this meeting

We discussed an additional birth pool which the MVP had been instrumental in receiving funding for.  Question asked about whether additional pool needed.  Some midwives feel existing pool not fully utilised; some mothers feel they may not get their choice of using pool for pain relief or birth if room already in use.  Feedback from women, and audit on use of birth pool will be done.

Feedback from Baby Loss awareness week All feedback received very positive, and the events arranged much appreciated. Many likes on MVP social media received for all these events, including the lighting up of courtyard at WCH.  Always Another Way had been active in supporting events. 

Facilities discussed. The use of a room for postnatal care that has not natural light continues to be raised.

MVP asked how Dashboards can show Black Asian Minority Ethnic #BAME outcome information. We heard that the clinical commissioning group is in conversation with public health on how such a dashboard may be provided, positive to hear this work is underway.

MVP waiting to hear feedback from postnatal picnics report, and to be involved in developing local postnatal care implementation plan.

MVP developed ‘Keep Labour Flowing booklet’ and posters will soon be published and distributed.

Our MVP meetings will become bi-monthly in 2020 with informal topic focussed workshops arranged also. The first topic will be postnatal care

We are looking for an MVP representative for a perinatal mental health steering group, please get in touch if you are interested.

October 4th 2019

​Members fedback from the discussions at the Summer Workshop (shown below).  Had useful discussions on Continuity of Carer leaflet and the information women would like to see.  The evidence for Continuity of Carer providing safer care form women and babies raised and the importance of women having same team throughout their pathway of maternity care including intrapartum highlighted. 

Discussion held on progress of developing Maternity Facilities Parent Statement

Our Terms of Reference are being reviewed


Discussed content for the MVP recommendations to be made in our Annual Report


Baby Loss awareness week preparations shared and will be promoted. MVP notified that the hospitals Baby Memorial Service will be held on 18th November 2019 at &pm, St Johns Church, Hensingham


We discussed 2020 meeting days, and decided to move our formal MVP meetings to bi-monthly and hold adhoc informal topic-based meetings

Summer Workshop Update

A big Thank You to everyone who made it to our joint MVPs Summer Workshop (some of you made it into the photo below).  We had 4 topic focussed activity sessions, plus a picnic and cake break. Kids had a great time too. This document is a summary of our workshop outputs.

July 10th 2019

Thankyou everyone for coming it was great to see you and have your input/ #YourViewsCount #GetInvolved with your #MVP
•    Work to update the Parent Information Boards on Honister is ongoing
•    MVP waiting more detail on Continuity of Carer pathways
•    The MVP delighted to hear the CCG decision that Consultant Led Services at WCH will remain, without threat of further service reviews.  The MVP were part of the process and received praise & thanks from the CCG Board members for always keeping the woman and family firmly at the centre of discussions.
•     Update from the Breastfeeding Peer Support working group. Positive progress being made to strengthen training and support locally. 6-week checks remain an opportunity for improvement in strengthening support and information given from GPs to support breastfeeding Mums.  A Health Visitor lead has expressed interest in joining the MVP
•    The North Cumbria Acute Hospitals NHS Trust Maternity Patient Experience Feedback was overwhelmingly positive – well done.
•    Anonymised Feedback collected by the MVP at 2 postnatal reunions was shared with members
•    Good to hear that visiting times for Dads/ Co parents have been extended on Honister ward to all day
•    The MVP were pleased Kerry Pape Specialist Bereavement Midwife could attend the meeting.  Currently there is less support available for women experiencing loss pre 16 weeks, exacerbated by loss of dedicated gynaecology wards on both sites. The support is provided by gynaecology Early Pregnancy Assessment Clinic & Gynae nurses who give out card signposting to national support groups.  Some service users attending shared their experience of pre 16- week loss and had not been given support information. The experience feedback identified areas for improvement, and active interest from Service User Reps to support that. 
•    Good to hear that the Bereavement Suite is under development
•    Baby Loss Awareness Week – 9-15th October – Can MVP help promote this week – do give us your ideas
•    Joint MVPs Summer Workshop planned in August 2019 – all welcome
•    Poster on person centred appropriate language to use when referring to a person who has Down syndrome shared with the group



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