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Personalised Care & Your Choices
Choices Easy Read
Choices - Easy Read
Your Choice
Your Choice Where to have your baby 

'Your Baby, Your Birth, Your Choice'

Visit the Birthrights Website for more information.

Pregnancy and Birth Choices

This is an App for women giving birth in the Northeast and North Cumbria.

You can choose to go to the closest or neighbouring maternity unit. Some hospitals are more suitable for women and children who have extra healthcare needs.


NHS England - Your Choices

These publications aim to help and advise women, when making the decision around where to give birth. There are a number of versions now available on the NHS website – one for women who have had a baby before and one for women having their first baby.

** Please note that this information is for healthy, low-risk women and should be used as part of your comprehensive personalised discussion with a midwife.**

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Active Births
Active Births

‘Keep Labour Flowing’ Booklet

West Cumbria Maternity Voices are pleased to launch a fab new labour support resources for you.

These resources will be used in Antenatal Classes and be available in all the birth rooms at both maternity units.  

Many thanks to all involved with the project. Especial thanks to Jenny Fye and Clare Cooper for seeing a need and being the chief creators and authors.  

Keeping Labour Flowing.png
Personalised Care
Personalised Care

The NHS wants everyone using maternity services to receive safe, personalised care.  This means that care is centred around the unique needs and circumstances of each individual using maternity services and their baby. It also means that they have had genuine choice about the care they receive, informed by impartial information.

Personalised care and support planning is a process to identify what matters to each person using maternity services and makes sure that their care reflects this. With their midwife or obstetrician they will consider and discuss their life, family situation, health and wellbeing, and preferences, so that their care reflects their needs and wishes.  This video explains more about what personalised care and support planning is.

The result of these conversations is a personalised care and support plan. This will set out the decisions they have made about the care and support to be received throughout pregnancy and birth. The plan will cover antenatal care, labour and birth as well as postnatal care. It should be reviewed by the midwife and/or obstetrician with women at every contact or appointment and updated if anything changes.

Badgernet App

Watch this video for a tour around the Badger Notes App.

We are going to be looking for feedback from people using this app. 

Please contact us if interested in giving feedback.

Making Informed Decisions 
Informed Choice
Informed Consent Poster FINAL V5C(2) - Maternity  Voices Partnership
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