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Breastfeeding Courses - FREE


Have you been looking for Breastfeeding preparation courses here are two: 


West Cumbria NCT Resources


Links to Facebook groups that are here to support you.

  1. West Cumbria NCT Branch - In It Together (COVID-19 Parent Support) 
    Facebook Support Group


  2. Baby Cafe / Breastfeeding Group
    Breastfeeding resources.


  3. Bumps Group
    Information usually given out at our sessions aimed at parents to be. This has been compiled by our volunteers, a result of their combined parenting experiences, and is complementary to antenatal classes.


  4. Baby / Toddler Entertainment Tips
    Resources and information on entertaining a baby or toddler during this stay at home period.

  5. Something For You 
    Tips, ideas and resources for parents to take a little care of themselves. From wellness to learning a new crafting technique!


  6. Cloth Nappies 
    Tips on using cloth nappies, reusable wipes and more - maybe you always wanted to, or perhaps there are just one too many shortages in the shops!


  7. Useful Resources To Help Baby 
    A compilation of free resources from well- known practitioners, looking at things like common baby massage techniques to help with wind or constipation and basic first aid tips

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