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Being inclusive -
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Listening to ALL

We aim to listen and value ALL service users, their partners, their family & their supporters; to hear the diverse voices of vulnerable individuals and 'less heard' groups in our community.

Blogs and News
Blogs and News

Read the latest blogs and news articles relating to inclusion:


The first Mumkind event will be taking place in Carlisle soon:
- November 25th 2023
- 10.00am - 3:30pm
- Holme Head House, Carlisle

Click here to find out more or to register to go:

Mumkind flyer for event in Carlisle on 25th November 23

We do visit parent groups in their familiar settings. Get in touch to arrange.


We also make use of social media to hear your views.  Help us to connect with your group or community via our social media channels. 

Send us your ideas for improving accessibility of Maternity Voices here.

We will provide support and encouragement for service users, partners and supporters to input into our Maternity Voices meetings.  We will always do our best to meet your needs.

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Partnership  and Co -Production

If you feel that your voice isn't heard in maternity services, or you are an advocate for a group that is harder to reach, we really welcome you to get in touch to see how we can support those voices.  Services should be wrapped round the needs of service users and families, and it is important to understand what they are in order to have positive experiences and keep outcomes improving. 
We are a small group driven by voluntary effort working closely with maternity, health, and social care professionals and community and parent groups. Working together we can make a positive difference. 

Find out more on our Co-Production page.


There remain gaps in mortality rates between women from different areas, women of different ages and women from different ethnic groups.

Asian women are twice as likely to die as white women, mixed ethnicity women are three times more likely to die and black women are 4 times as likely to die. 

Women from less affluent areas are three times more likely to die as women from wealthier areas in the UK  


Systemic Biases due to pregnancy, health and other issues prevent women with complex and multiple problems receiving the care they need.

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Multicultural Wellbeing Group
Multicultural Wellbeing Group - Feedback
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Down Syndrome
Down's Syndrome

Talking about Down’s syndrome? Here’s a helpful resource.
This is a link to a helpful poster called 'Don't Screen Us Out' to ensure we can all get it right when talking about Down’s Syndrome in a person-centred respectful way. 

Cristina, one of our Carlisle & Eden Maternity Voices Representatives and founder of Diffability CIC, has worked with others to develop this video around her experiences.

It shows how that led to creating a gift from the community 'Welcome to the World' suitcases, so that other parents whose babies are born with Downs Syndrome would benefit from support information and groups, and positivity, and do not feel alone. 

Cristina  attended the Northeast and North Cumbria Local maternity and neonatal system board in July 2023 to talk about her experience, her involvement with maternity Voices, and her work to co produce the 'Welcome to the World' suitcases. 

This video was shared to board members. 

Cristina will now support health service professionals who cover the northeast and north Cumbria to map what is offered to parents, and identify where there are gaps, working towards sharing good practice learning  and improving consistency in support to parents.   

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