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June 22nd 2020

October 30th 2019

September 9th 2019

Summer Workshop

May 20th 2019

These are overviews and agendas for the meetings. If you wish to see a copy of the full minutes and actions from any of our formal meetings, please contact us

Next Meeting

MVP team meetings are now being held online. 

‘Continuity of Carer’ virtual workshop

TBC August 2020

Our next virtual area meeting is:

Thursday 10th September 

1.00 pm

June 22nd 2020

Summary notes of meeting June 22nd 2020


  • #Your Views Count: Survey coming out July to hear you Covid -19 pandemic maternity experiences

  • #Your voice counts: We want to hear more diverse voices – can you help?

  • #Get Involved: Continuity of Carer Workshop September 2020

  • #Share your ideas - for promoting birthplace choice in North Cumbria

  • #Help create: a virtual maternity tour

October 30th 2019

First time at this venue, the babies and toddlers enjoyed the toys a lot.

Breastfeeding support in community discussed, we heard that there is less Health visitor input at the Carlisle groups which is missed. Some Mums using a Lactation consultant from Dumfries.

The MVP decided to introduce a Supa Quick Survey tool on our website, to promote so we hear more service user feedback. We would like to know What was good and What could be better?

As this MVP group grows, we will start getting a schedule of outreach listening sessions to hear more maternity experiences from diverse groups.  If there are people interested in helping, please get in touch.  Hearing experiences helps services to improve.

Positive feedback was received from the Baby Loss Awareness Week activities, a memorial service and a coffee morning was held by SANDS

The MVP is awaiting feedback and report on the postnatal picnic held in May this year.  Three workshops are being planned early next year, one in Penrith, Carlisle and Whitehaven to inform local postnatal care improvement plan

A well- attended Smoking Summit held recently looking at what support can be put in place to encourage women to stop, or reduce, smoking in pregnancy and continue that after birth.   MVP could do a survey to help inform supportive approaches.

MVPs Terms of Reference have been reviewed and approved.

In 2020 we are going to start bi- monthly meetings, but hold informal adhoc topic focussed meetings also. Postnatal care will be the first topic.

September 9th 2019

Helen Ferris, Infant Feeding Co-ordinator updated us on:  Progress with Baby Friendly initiative in the Trust, the Trust is working towards Level 3; Introduction of Prenatal Colostrum Harvesting; The Trust’s participation in FROSTTIE research project to see what support works best for Tongue-Tie.  We heard about improved outcomes from introduction of more feeding support on the ward; we met new Infant Feeding support worker who told us about her role supporting women.  We learnt that the Trust is working to provide a quiet space for breastfeeding on both hospital sites for any parent visiting the hospital.

Nicola Jackson, Programme Management Lead for our local maternity system shared progress on plans for the development of the Penrith Community Hub.  Penrith Birthing Centre and Penrith Children’s Centre will be working together. There will be a link midwife to the Children’s Centre. A new Benefit Advice drop in session has begun. There will be a maternity volunteer pathway to provide support for parents. Success Criteria for the hub are agreed, including increased engagement of women and families in development of services.

MVP members reviewed outcome of our Quick Experience Feedback Survey trial, we decided this would give parents a choice of a short or long survey to feedback their experiences. Both forms will go on our MVP website when finalised this Autumn.

We looked at survey responses on service users’ ideas on the skills and knowledge Future Midwives needed, this has been fed back to the University of Cumbria

Questions were asked about Postnatal Physiotherapy service provision which has been raised by the MVP already and is being looked at.

Summer Workshop Update

A big Thank You to everyone who made it to our joint MVPs Summer Workshop (some of you made it into the photo below).  We had 4 topic focussed activity sessions, plus a picnic and cake break. Kids had a great time too. This document is a summary of our workshop outputs.

May 20th 2019

We are trialling a quick 4 minute survey for parents to give feedback about Maternity Services  if you would like to try it out, let us know.

Some of our MVP Mums were invited to talk with the student midwives recently on 'why it is important to work together with women and families'. Good session and feedback.

15 Steps for Maternity - 'Quality through the eyes of service users'

One is planned for Cumberland Infirmary Maternity. If you are interested in joining that visit, let us know. We would be glad of some fresh service user eyes.


Brief update was given on Continuity of Carer models.

Digital Maternity records are being introduces for all women booking-in. We would love to hear your feedback. Mums-to-be canaccess a helpful parent app to give access to notes, appointments, pregnancy timeline. There is a page for Personalised Care Plan, NMVP would like to see more info for parents to help them consider their individual plans.

MVP plan to arrange a meeting with staff to discuss induction and hear individual experiences. Get in touch is you would like to share your experience. 



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