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These are overviews and agendas for the meetings. If you wish to see a copy of the full minutes and actions from any of our formal meetings, please contact us

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MVP team meetings are now being held online. 

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21st June 2021


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West North East Maternity Voices Partner
April 2021


We had Updates on: 

  • Maternity & Neonatal Safety Improvement Programme (MatNeoSiP) national programme to reduce maternal, neonatal deaths and rate of preterm births. Slides available to share. 2 Mums now involved with future MatNeoSiP event looking at Safety Culture .   

  • Covid Pandemic Maternity Arrangements: Partners may now attend antenatal appointments, not at Morton Manor.  Room spaces are small in some cases which should be considered.  Partners can attend for scans, may need to wait outside of waiting room until called to avoid congestion.      Home Birth cover is more limited presently due to staffing issues. To be reviewed in 14 days. New ways of staffing home birth rota being considered.

  • Antenatal information midwife recorded videos: available soon on broad range of topics, with a dedicated email to get responses on any questions you may have, or ask your own midwife  

  • International Day of Midwife May 5th2021– is being celebrated. Please share your experience stories with the Trust. MVP supporting this, see our Facebook groups for further details 

We had Feedback on: 


  • MVP Choices workshop – see the Choices poster showing conversation points.  Follow on work will support learning from this event. A blog about the workshop will be on our MVP website soon.

  • Building our Instagram reach - @NorthCumbriaMVP.  We are aiming for wider reach & younger demographic. There is Choice & Informed Choice promotion work to see now – please do engage with that and also a ‘What to pack in your hospital bag’ item enjoying good engagement to build up our following.  A new Service User rep has volunteered to assist 

  • Personalised Care & Support Plans (PCSP) & Choice of Place of Birth – we reviewed baseline info on this shared from our 2020 pandemic experiences survey this will inform further engagement on PCSPs. The Minority ethnic response rate was 4.5% of the total number of responses. 

Engagement topics planned: 6-8 Week GP Checks |Neonatal Listening |Induction Experiences


  • #Your Views Count – Do get in touch with your experience stories       

  • Targeted engagement to outreach two cohorts being planned to compare experiences of women/birthing people on, not on, Continuity of Carer pathway. Cohorts will contain disadvantaged and multi- ethnic population. 

  • Mental Health Awareness Week: Happy Mums planning a panel event 7th May. MVP to support

  • We reviewed: NCIC Patient Experience story boards; & circulated clinical outcome dashboards. 

  • Northeast & North Cumbria Infant Feeding Booklet latest version circulated for your comments 


What else is new to share with you: 

  • Diffability with HappyMums have collaborated to form a Mental Health peer support group for parents of children with Down’s Syndrome.  Feel Good Mama

  • Face to Face Breastfeeding Support groups starting back up. See Carlisle Health Visitors and Family Action & Barnardo’s local Facebook groups for more details. MVP will promote

February 2021


Did you miss the meeting? This is what we discussed:

  • Donna Okenden Report and Local maternity system response to essential actions

  • Future work around management of women with Type 1 diabetes

  • Learnt about the professional Midwifery Advocate role in North Cumbria

  • Learnt about the Infant feeding Co-ordinator role; support for Breastfeeding and work towards level 3 BFI status in the community

  • MVP focus groups are planned on Choice; Induction and Neonatal experiences – if you would like to get involved/share your experiences please let us know

  • Launching MVP Instagram account – look us up on @NorthCumbriaMVP

  • Shared some service user feedback; including a power point on the Maternity pandemic experiences findings

  • MVP provided feedback on Infant feeding booklet and a C-section choice leaflet

  • Update on MVP Multicultural outreach work

  • Reviewed the North Cumbria Patient Experience feedback

November 2020


There was good attendance at the MVP meeting, and we welcomed some new members.

Continuity of Carer

  • Julie Tiffin, the Continuity of Carer Lead Midwife shared exciting progress with the newly launched Caldew Continuity of Carer Team. Early feedback is very positive. A leaflet is being developed explaining Continuity of Carer.

Perinatal Mental Health

  • Sarah Penn from Happy Mums foundation presented their progress and updates made during the Covid-19 pandemic. They have added inclusion as a core value. They aim to expand and open up peer support to others to empower with training to allow increased involvement in volunteer groups


  • Christine Corner presented to the meeting on the progress with an emerging Northeast and North Cumbria Perinatal Mental Health Pathway across– the pathway will bring together the full range of services to support women & families from fertility right through to postnatal. Work is being done to identify gaps in the service. Suggestions made in the meeting:
    - more prompts for midwives to ask women about their mental health particularly earlier in pregnancy
    - women being able to complete their own mental health information which would be helpful to midwives before the booking in conversation
    - Trauma Informed Care discussed, members agreed that it was important to important to consider previous traumas, not all will be disclosed, but have impact on individuals and the choices they make.


  • Do you have suggestions about where perinatal mental health services can be improved please contact we will be pleased to hear your feedback and to feed that back to Christine or put you in touch with her directly

  • Melodies for Mums – the groups were updated on a pilot project to support perinatal Mums with postnatal depression with view to rolling out more widely, ensuring that disadvantaged and minority ethnic groups are reached.


Neonatal Voices

  • Mandy Marsden has joined the Carlisle & Eden and the West Cumbria MVPs as a service user representative with particular interest in ensuring voices of those parents who have used SCBU & Neonatal services are heard.Mandy shared her own experience of giving birth to twins at 23 +5 weeks. See Mandy’s blog here. She wants to empower people to tell their stories and wants to learn what the additional challenges are faced in rural communities.  To get in touch and share your maternity and neonatal and postnatal experience with Mandy please contact us on


Covid-19 Visiting Restrictions Eased

  • Restrictions in partner involvement at appointments and visiting have been relaxed in North Cumbria. There is now a table updated every two weeks showing the current restrictions across all the maternity units in North Cumbria and North East.The group agreed a local sheet showing restrictions locally would be useful.


  • MVP Covid-19 pandemic maternity experience survey’s reports are being prepared, there wasn’t time enough to share power point in the meeting.


  • Great to have Service User volunteers come forward to lead topic focussed workshops on Neonatal experiences, Choice of Place of Birth, and to have MVP representative volunteers at the Cumberland Infirmary Labour Ward Forum.

September 2020


  • We talked about the actions and priorities for our Maternity Voices groups for the next 6 months.  See the draft list below. Are there other actions you think the MVP should look at?

    • MVP Key Focus Areas for 2020/2021​

      • Choice and Personalised Care​

      • Involvement of Partners (life / birth partners)

      • extending reach and increasing diversity of MVP voices

    • Local Maternity system Focus work areas with MVP
      • Continuity of Carer Implementation​
      • Addressing Inequalities 
  • Service user experience shared on successful VBAC support, plan to make a VBAC vlog to share with others considering VBAC.  We also heard a positive induction experience.  Would you be interested in sharing your experiences?  The MVP would like to hear from women who have had inductions - What was good, not so good, what would have made it better?  

  • Findings from our local surveys on the impacts of Covid-19 on maternity experience will be shared at our November MVP meeting. 

  • How to promote choice to women locally an MVP sub-group is looking at this.  If you wish to get involved do let us know. We talked about Personalised Care plans too.

  • MVP received an update on addressing inequalities work happening locally. We discussed how we can widen diversity of persons involved in MVP to ensure we are an inclusive and representative voice – have you any ideas?  All views welcome!

  • The first Continuity of Carer team is due to be launched in the Carlisle area soon.

  • For further information or any questions please contact: