West Cumbria MVP Team

I'm Sandra, I live in Ennerdale, and my children were born at West Cumberland Hospital.  I have been involved in relating the service user/ family perspective in maternity and children's services since my youngest son was 18 months old, and he is now at secondary school.  Maternity is such an important time in a woman s life, and her partner/ family's life. There is room for all to have a say in local services and lots of opportunities to be involved and make a positive difference. I'm Chair of West Cumbria Maternity Voices Partnership Group and acting Chair of the Carlisle & Eden MVP.

My name is Dane, and I’m a Dad on the West Cumbria Maternity Voices Group. Prior to a few months before the birth of our son I was completely in the dark about pregnancy, birth and such like. Call it naivety (anxious) but I was quite worried about the whole process.
To help me and my wife suppress these anxious thoughts we decided to explore Hypnobirthing and what it entails.
After discovering the choices and information out there I joined MVP to voice my opinions to help make this information more readily available for all Dads. 

I am Christine Davey, I live near Cockermouth and have three young daughters, all of whom were born at West Cumberland Hospital. After my first birth I had a retained placenta and needed immediate consultant care to stop haemorrhaging. My second and third births were less eventful, but I found a lot of strength from the excellent midwife led care that I received during labour and from being allowed to birth actively.


I joined MVP as I am passionate about local women being able to access the consultant and midwife led care that they require, so that they can birth how they choose, without fear. I am also huge supporter of continuity of care and good post partum care, particularly mental health and breastfeeding support. 

I am Nicola, I have two grown up daughters who also work for the NHS.  I am the Programme Management Lead for our local maternity system and responsible for the delivery of the Better Births Programme.  I work closely with the Maternity Voices Partnership and with colleagues in North Cumbria Midwifery Service.  I am passionate about delivering the best NHS services for babies, children, young people and families.

National: For me, our maternity services are vital for the ongoing & sustainable development of our community. In order for us to continue to develop our own unique services we need to have our voices heard & this is why I volunteer.

Local: Following the birth of my second son I have been experiencing some mental health issues & got in touch with my local MVP group for help & support. I now want to help change & enrich the maternity experience for others in the hope of reducing the risk of situations like mine. I want to share my story with others so that they know it is ok, not to be ok. Mental health is as important as physical health. We have a unique opportunity to voice our needs, wants & concerns with those who have the power to make an impact. We as parents have certain requirements at a beautiful & stressful time in our lives. We need to feel valued, listened to & important. We need to know that our views count & that we are not just on a conveyor belt. One size does not fit all & this is why our MVP group is so important.

I’m Rosey and I’m a stay at home Mum to my 3 year old son and active User Rep on West Cumbria Maternity Voices. I joined Maternity Voices after I had my son at West Cumberland Hospital and was keen to help support the services in any way I can. I firmly believe that women and families from all walks of life, no matter what circumstances they find themselves in, deserve the best possible care for delivering their babies and supporting their families – and that they should have a say in what care they receive! Maternity Voices is a great way of reaching out to people and finding out their experiences and views about the things that matter most to them.

I'm Julie. I'm a qualified nurse and registered midwife. I am Programme Leader for the BSc (Hons) Midwifery programme. Responsibilities include managing a small team of midwifery lecturers in addition to the operational management. In 2016 I took up an additional role of Lead Midwife for Education, a Nursing and Midwifery Council statutory role which entails the post holder being responsible for the overall quality of the course in addition to taking a strategic approach to programme development. A key aspect of curriculum development is the involvement of service users in the content and the reason why I joined the Maternity Voices in Partnership Group to foster collaboration and a partnership approach to the education and training of student midwives.

I'm Janine , a mental health and psychological wellbeing practitioner at Together We Community Interest Company. 

My background is working in Improving Access to Psychological Therapies, lecturing in mental health and NHS secondary Mental Health Care. Specialist interest areas are older adults MH, Personality Disorders and promoting basic common factor therapeutic skills in staff.

I have recently had a little boy, so I am also a service user. He is doing great! I enjoy walking, exercising and have three pooches who I enjoy spending my time with.

I am a mum to two daughters born in 2016 and 2018. Both my girls were born in West Cumberland Hospital after I moved to the area for work.
My eldest was born via emergency c section following discovery of an undiagnosed breech position.
My youngest was a much less eventful birth but I utilised hypnobirthing this time which made the whole experience a lot more positive for me.
I am passionate about improving maternity services in West Cumbria and supporting women to have the birth experiences that they want.
I believe we shouldn't have to 'settle' for a lower level of services due to our rural location.

My name is Belinda Rae and I provide administration support for the Maternity Voices groups in both the West and Carlisle & Eden areas.  I work as a Team Secretary within the Maternity Department and am based in West Cumberland Hospital.  I provide administration/secretarial support for the Head of Midwifery and the Senior Midwifery Management Team, as well as the Maternity team in general and work closely with Maternity Voices to ensure effective meetings and communication with both the public and staff.  I enjoy attending the meetings (and can sometimes get a little more involved than I should!) and I am passionate about Maternity and the provision of excellent services for women in our area.  I look forward to seeing you at one of our meetings.

I'm Sam and I'm a director of Together We CIC, I am also a mother to a 4 year old boy and 3 year old girl. 

I became a part of Maternity Voices for a few different reasons, "Together We Carry" run sling advice and support groups for families within Copeland and Allerdale. Often I was hearing anxiety from our service users about the future of maternity services. I also heard regularly that expectant mothers felt they had no choice in how their maternity experience went, this alongside my own birth experiences made me want to get involved, to feedback what I have learned and to help give service users a voice. 

I'm Jenny Fye and I'm a HypnoBirthing Practitioner and mum to 4 awesome girls, who were all born at home under the care of our fabulous community midwife team. I joined the Maternity Voices team as I am passionate about helping women have a positive birthing experience. I believe local women and their families should have a say in the care they receive during their pregnancy and birth, and it's a great platform to help shape and improve local maternity services.

I'm Tamsin, after the birth of my son I trained to become a hypnobirthing teacher after having a lovely positive birth and felt that it was something all women should have the choice to access. I set up West Cumbria Hypnobirthing and I love it! Being involved in such a special experience for Women and their partners is so rewarding and truly magical to be part of. I joined MVP as I wanted to be more actively involved, locally, with maternity services so that women and their birth partners voices were at the forefront of any changes and influential in any decision making. I am very passionate about all aspects of maternity care but especially continuity of care, homebirth, birth partners role including birth environments and informed choices. 

I'm Christina Cuncarr, RGN, RM, MA ( Applied) in Midwifery. I am a very proud Mother of 3 grown-ups and Grandmother of 5 children . I am a registered nurse and Midwife with a long history of working within the Health sector of 38 years, the last 28 years within Midwifery. I am passionate about empowering women and Midwives to enable and optimise informed choice and improvement of clinical outcomes. I have worked in all fields of midwifery here and overseas in New Zealand. I am familiar with working with a strong continuity of carer model and for 6 years in NZ was a Lead Maternity Carer with my own caseload . I strongly believe women are the centre of all care planning and adopt the principles of Partnership, Protection and Participation ( NZ Model) and am always applying these within my practice here in Cumbria. I have a strong connection with the MVP here in North Cumbria and look forward to many more years at strengthening this relationship as we move forward with our National Maternity Strategy and locally.



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