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Together We

Janine Ward of ‘Together We’ talks about an exciting new postnatal project being planned. Together We is a Community Interest Company (CIC) and not for profit organisation providing a range of services to women in Allerdale and Copeland, Cumbria.

Empowering people to take control over their physical health, mental health and wellbeing’

Together We’s post-natal project is funded by Awards for All & invites 40 local women to be involved in a 12-week project. This involves learning practical ways to mentally and physically care for themselves and to calm their baby.

We have found from our work that there is often a lot of emphasis on baby after birth and little support for mum’s well-being. Also, some of the interventions for calming baby are pricey and accessible only by those in higher economic areas. With this in mind we wanted to create a 12 week programme using our emotional resilience programme combined with baby massage, mummy Pilates and baby yoga to provide a full and rounded approach to health and well-being from 6 weeks on to 8 months post-natal.

Sessions include managing well-being after baby, sleeping well after baby, eating well after baby, making changes and many more. Baby massage is offered as a full 6-hour course and every other week there is a combination class with baby yoga and mummy Pilates focussing on rebuilding strength after baby and the pelvic floor. Each session has a workbook; is interactive and has a catch- up session every other week so the group can discuss their problems/issues/things that have gone well. At the last session we will invite the ladies to choose an external service to attend, for example slings or sure start weaning.

Project starts its first blocks 17th September 1-2.30 or 2.30-4pm at our centre in Workington. Places are free and will be up to 8 on each block. Self-referral is welcome or professional referral please email Or call 0190066375 Visit for more info

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