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Celebrating Student Midwives

In June the Midwifery Department at the University of Cumbria [UoC] had the chance to celebrate the achievements of the student midwives. Firstly, there was the national Royal College of Midwives [RCM], ‘student midwives celebration day’ on 15th June. Then later that week we held our own annual celebration day, where all midwifery year groups come together to reflect on the journey of the students who are shortly going to be qualified midwives. It is an emotive day full of pride and admiration for their achievements.

The path to become a midwife is not easy. The students have to work full-time for 3 years – it is an intense 3 years of juggling placement hours, teaching hours, and assessments, on top of the challenges of their own home life.


They are passionate about becoming midwives, continually demonstrating commitment to providing the best quality care. They work hard to learn theoretical knowledge and practical skills, review the evidence and advocate for women and birthing people, all whilst supporting each other along the way through the joy and sometimes the sorrow that comes with being a midwife. So, I am sure everyone would agree a celebration of their achievements is hugely needed!

To help us in our celebration we put a request out via the MVP for feedback from women and birthing people who had been cared for by a student midwife. We received some beautiful feedback, including comments such as:

“I had care from 3 student midwives and they were all amazing. One in particular looked after me through my birth and was so kind and caring towards me to the point I didn't want her to leave the room.”

“I will never forget the compassion and understanding I was shown… Without a doubt I know *** will make a fantastic midwife and wish her all the best”

“Her bedside manner was outstanding, she was warm and friendly all while upholding the expected level of professionalism”

“She is a credit to the profession and a credit to the university. I wish her all the luck in her career as a midwife and I know that she is going to make a lot of women happy and comfortable throughout that career.”

“She came on shift and she was with me until my baby was born that afternoon. She was absolutely FANTASTIC! She changed the atmosphere as soon as she came into the room. She was so lovely and chatty and when it got tough, she truly made me believe I could do it when I didn't believe it myself.”

This is just a snapshot of the care that UoC midwifery students provide. The lecturing team were delighted to read and share these comments (and more) with them on the day – it was just what they needed to hear. Thank you to everyone that contributed to the feedback.

So, if you get the opportunity to be cared for by a student midwife, know that they are kind, compassionate and professional, and will always be happy to be part of your care.

Justine Norton

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