National Guidance for COVID-19
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Maternity Safety Information: *Translated maternity safety information materials are available* Click Here
The key message themes are:

    • If you are pregnant and Black, Black British or Asian, Asian British – you might be more vulnerable.

    • Trust your instincts – call your midwife or maternity team anytime if you are worried about your pregnancy or if you have symptoms of COVID-19.

    • It is safe to attend for your care and appointments during the pandemic.

    • Is your mood ok? Who to speak to if it is not ok.

    • What to do if you miss an appointment.

    • Signs of labour and what to do if you think you are in labour.

    • What to do if you have signs and symptoms of pre-eclampsia.

    • The importance of taking Vitamin D.

    • Feeling safe in your own home and how to find support if you don’t.

    • Looking after you and your unborn baby.

    • If you have any comments or spot any errors in the translations please contact:

  • Information on coronavirus for pregnant BAME women. RCOG latest update for women and families 10th July 2020.

  • RCOG guidance of Restoration and Recovery; and principles of testing and triage during Covid pandemic: Click Here


Vaccine Information

  • COVID-19 vaccination: a guide for women of childbearing age, pregnant or breastfeeding: Click Here

  • BfN’s Statement on COVID-19 Vaccines while breastfeeding: Click Here


Birth Partners

New guidance from NHS England allows for a second birth supporter where social distancing can be maintained. For more info click here.

What We Currently Know


We understand this is a worrying time for women who are pregnant and for those with new babies.

Watch  Consultant Obstetrician and RCOG Vice President Dr Jo Mountfield talk about what we currently know about #coronavirus and #pregnancy for


RCOG & RCM Latest Guidance for women and families. To read in full Click Here

You can also watch these two videos from RCOG Vice President Dr Jo Mountfield. In the first video she is talking about coronavirus and pregnancy. In the second she talks about attending routine antenatal appointments during coronavirus